Fearless Presentations

Fearless Presentation ® Public Speaking Course

Fearless PresentationsTens of thousands of people have successfully overcome their public speaking fear with the Fearless Presentations® public speaking training course offered by The Leader’s Institute®. This two day class is offered as an open-enrollment seminar in over 50 cities around the world for less than a thousand dollars per person, and instructors are strategically located in major cities across the United States, so custom classes or private sessions for individuals and groups are very economical.

Standard Modules for the Class

  • Reduce Public Speaking FearTen Ways to Reduce Public Speaking Fear
  • Improving Memory to Deliver Presentations without Notes (or PowerPoint Cues).
  • Powerful Introductions to Build Your Credibility
  • Capturing and Holding Audience Attention
  • The Power of Stories and Examples
  • A Simple Three-Step Process to Quickly Design Persuasive Talks
  • Persuasive SpeechImpromptu Speaking Made Easy
  • How to Write Entire Presentations from Scratch in 15 Minutes (or Less)
  • Five Ways to Add Enthusiasm to Any Speech
  • Ten Impact Ideas that will Wow! the Audience
  • Audience Participation to Gain Concensus
  • Secrets to Designing and Delivering PowerPoint Presentations
  • Fearless Question and Answer Sessions

Powerpoint Presentations

Optional Modules for Private Sessions

  • Designing and Closing Sales Presentations
  • Impactful Boardroom Presentations
  • Designing and Delivering Keynotes and Breakout Sessions
  • “Short-List” and High-Level Sales Presentations to Groups

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